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Asparagus films

Daios Plastics has an extensive track record in developing highly specialized films for the cultivation of asparagus. It is the market leader in the most demanding markets worldwide including the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Greece among others. A series of patents have been filed on films for both white and green asparagus under the tradename Dalin Pocket. Said films have been developed following extensive research both on an agronomic level as well as addressing commercial and distribution issues. The collection of products provides a specialized tool case for the modern asparagus grower. Earliness, yield regulation, quality and quantity are the guiding factors for the use of Daios Plastics films for asparagus.

Daios Plastics S.A Daios Plastics S.A was founded in 1974 producing shopping bags. Within a short period of time the company focused exclusively in the production of specialized films for agricultural applications. A series of highly innovative and differentiated products have been launched since in a continuous and fervent effort to achieve better results for our customers. We invest heavily in Research & Development to deliver products that allow our customers to grow more, produce better quality, grow crop out of season so that they can harvest tangible results and maximize their income. We listen to the needs of our customers. Part of our schedules is to visit our customers and share views, opinions and ideas on how to improve matters. Brainstorming is key to our business and instrumental to the success of our customers. 12th KM Veria – Naoussa 59200 Naoussa , Greece +30 23320 42412 +30 23320 42412 +30 23320 42412